Re: Intending to make AbiWord Weekly News subscription based

From: Alan Horkan (
Date: Wed Jul 03 2002 - 07:29:26 EDT

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    i will put aside my opinions on subscribing for AWN for a few minutes and
    instead ask how can we make Jespers work on Abiword Weekly News easier to
    do. Would Abiword Monthly news be singificatnly less useful?

    Can people be convinced to make Summary posts at the end of mailing list
    threads with more than a few posts that they think were important/notable
    or of particular interest?

    I have seen some projects use a changelog daemon that sends out a mail
    listing all the recent commits (if any).
    This may not be useful with abiword as there are many small commits not
    all of which include a comment/description and i dont really know enough
    about the existing build tools.

    The abiword bugzilla frontpage used to include a query "Show All Open
    Bugs" (or similar).
    I miss having that query. I think the query for top ten Bugs, and the
    query for top 10 rfe could be place there as well

    How do other groups handle this kind of thing, or is there nothing else
    quite like Abiword? ;)

    Any suggestions?

    Alan Horkan

    p.s. i would probably scrape together a few $$$ to subscribe but the
    inconvenience is more annoying than the price, the overhead of doing
    micropayments also means Jesper would not get very much anyway. Perhaps a
    tie in with another online news seller would be possible? best of luck

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