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Date: Wed Jul 03 2002 - 13:43:18 EDT

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    Just open a dialog "Unable to locate font XYZ, defaulting to times new
    roman" and leave it simple.

    On Wed, 2002-07-03 at 13:25, Joaquín Cuenca Abela wrote:
    > I don't know how to implement a font substitution algorithm that makes
    > sense. The problem:
    > fonts used in windows are not usually available on others systems. When
    > you try to open on linux an abiword file that comes from windows, it
    > will have "Times New Roman", "Arial", etc fonts, but the linux guy
    > doesn't has these fonts.
    > If we substitute these fonts for something else, we have to indicate it
    > in the GUI, ie. if we change Arial for Helvetica, we have to show in the
    > font family combo box the Helvetica name (as this is the font the
    > abiword is using to display the text).
    > This substitution should be a "only visual" one (only the string in the
    > GUI is affected, but the doc is still saved with "Arial"), or a "hard"
    > one (the file is saved with "Helvetica").
    > If the substitution is "hard", what if the user makes a silly change,
    > saves the doc, and send it back to the windows user? The windows user
    > will open it, and abiword will have to do another substitution from
    > "Helvetica" to something else (supposing that the substituted font will
    > be "Arial" is wrong, the windows user may very well have Helvetica
    > installed).
    > If the substitution is "only visual", say that the linux user adds a new
    > paragraph in "Helvetica", it will be saved in the doc as a "Helvetica"
    > paragraph, while the others paragraphs will be still "Arial" (and the
    > GUI is saying that all them have exactly the same font). That's a real
    > problem. Say a peer makes half an assignment in windows, using "Times
    > New Roman", and that I finish it in my linux computer, using "Nimbus
    > Roman" (that, AFAICS is the same font used by my windows peer). I send
    > back him the assignment, and... surprise! half the assignment uses a
    > font, and the other half uses a different font. That's not good.
    > Anybody knows what should I do to solve this problem?
    > Cheers,
    > --
    > Joaquín Cuenca Abela

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