Re: French review of AbiWord

From: Alan Horkan (
Date: Thu Jul 04 2002 - 18:03:39 EDT

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    as i said to Hub
    the only reason i know what drag and drop editing is,
    is because i asked last time it came up, on the user
    mailing list i think


    > >>What they do not like:
    > >> The lack of drag and drop text editing.
    > >>I thought that this was working on Windows ?

    > >No. No one has attempted to do this yet. It would not be hard to do it for
    > >the gnome branch. I should write up a POW after playing with the MS Word
    > >drag and drop editing to see how they do it.

    > Drag N Drop editing?, never heard of, Simply so you can move text by
    > dragging it?
    > Please do a POW for it, (with info on what it is) And i'll try to add it
    > to QNX too.
    > hmm, maybe i missunderstood what you wrote, it's not working in abi at
    > all, or only not working in win/qnx/friends

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