Re: font substitution

From: Mark Gilbert (
Date: Fri Jul 05 2002 - 01:01:30 EDT

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    To clarify what I just wrote, we wouldn't even need the first two
    options of Andrew's at all. Just the code for fallback and the remap
    table in prefs (with the few standard defaults of course) that would
    tell what to fall back to, with a wildcard for those not otherwise
    The only possible problems:
    1) File bloat, while miniscule, would exist if the user never planned on
    sending back to whoever wrote it the first time (with the original
    2) If the fallback didn't exist on a system. fallback tag would have to
    be relative, so that:
    Would be seen "if we dont have font, use fallback font, and if we dont
    have that, use the fallback font next inside". Then once a match is
    found, ignore those further inward, and if one isnt found, use the
    wildcard fallback.

    I had another issue, but I forgot it.
    Anyway, this seems like it might cut down on the code bloat a little as
    well as the promptage.


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