One line fix for AbiWord GTK2 Port/Branch..

From: William Lachance (
Date: Sun Jul 07 2002 - 01:51:57 EDT

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    in xap_UnixFontXLFD.cpp: around line 99

    Change: gchar **fields = g_strsplit(xlfd, "-", 14); to
             gchar **fields = g_strsplit(xlfd, "-", 15);


    " g_strsplit() has been fixed to:

        * include trailing empty tokens, rather than stripping them
        * split into a maximum of max_tokens tokens, rather than max_tokens + 1

    Code depending on either of these bugs will need to be fixed."

    This prevents an assert on startup. Not sure if there is any bad affect at
    runtime (there was none I could see, but the information was definitely being
    read incorrectly).


    William Lachance

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