Commit (ABI-GTK2-PORT): Hack around GtkCombo weirdness

From: William Lachance (
Date: Thu Jul 11 2002 - 23:33:23 EDT

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    This fixes the last assert at startup, although the "cure" is imperfect.


    Basically, for the toolbar combo items, we use a "changed" signal from the
    entry that is part of the ComboBox to indicate that we should do something
    (e.g.: change a style, font, etc.). Unfortunately, gtk2 seems to consider
    itself resetting a combobox entry to be an "event". abi thought that we were
    trying to set the style to a 0-length string (only to have it set to
    something more sensible only moments later).

    I think there are ways of handling signals that somehow make this work right,
    but I don't have time to make the fix now (nor do I think that this is the
    best solution; see below). I have worked around this problem for now by
    simply ignoring "changed" signals which give a 0 length for gtkentry's text

    See this from the gtk+ reference manual:

    "2.4. ...for presenting a set of mutually-exclusive choices, where Windows
    would use a combo box?

    With GTK+, a GtkOptionMenu is recommended instead of a combo box, if the user
    is selecting from a fixed set of options. That is, non-editable combo boxes
    are not encouraged. GtkOpti------------------------------------
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    William Lachance
    wlach@interlog.comonMenu is much easier to use than GtkCombo as well. Use
    GtkCombo only when you need the editable text entry."

    When I get back from my road trip (see some of you in Boston!), I would like
    switch this stuff over to GtkOptionMenu, if there aren't any objections.

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