commit: Win32 minor plugin stuff

From: Kenneth J.Davis (
Date: Sun Jul 14 2002 - 19:01:56 EDT

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    Adds ABI_EXPORT in a few places and unloads plugins, which wasn't
    done before? at least on Windows.

    CVS: ----------------------------------------------------------------------
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    CVS: Committing in .
    CVS: Modified Files:
    CVS: af/util/xp/ut_math.h af/xap/xp/xap_Dlg_FileOpenSaveAs.h
    CVS: af/xap/xp/xap_HashDownloader.cpp af/xap/xp/xap_Module.h
    CVS: af/xap/xp/xap_ModuleManager.cpp af/xap/xp/xap_ModuleManager.h
    CVS: wp/ap/win/ap_Win32App.cpp
    CVS: ----------------------------------------------------------------------
    Win32 minor plugin link fixes and unload plugins before exiting

    Jeremy Davis

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