Re:Commit: New Dialog_Download_File

From: Kenneth J.Davis (
Date: Tue Jul 16 2002 - 16:10:17 EDT

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    Gabriel Gerhardsson <> wrote on 7/16/2002 3:08:25 PM:
    >Here it goes, my first commit :)
    >A new dialog (Download_File) that downloads a file (through libcurl)
    >while offering a small dialog to the user. The dialog contains status
    >information and a cancel-button.
    >Stubs is implemented for all platforms. And the download-functionality
    >works on all platforms that it worked on before. But the graphical
    >dialog is only implemented on Unix, GTK.
    >To get the threaded download and a dialog on your platform you need to:
    >* Implement the dialog (duuh :). And don't forget _abortDialog().
    >* Implement a thread implementation (ut_threadImpl.h). Right now only
    >Unix has such a thing.
    >Take care

    Could you provide me with a screenshot of what the dialog looks
    like on Unix (mostly I'm curious) and if no one else has already
    started, I'll see about creating the Win32 equivalent tonight.
    [If you have started or are planning on it, let me know and I'll do other stuff.]


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