Re:Fwd: libole2 -> libgsf

From: Kenneth J.Davis (
Date: Wed Jul 17 2002 - 03:09:55 EDT

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    >1) Build tests
    > This is especially for abiword developers the reigning XP kings.
    > Please try libgsf out on your plethora of platforms. It has
    > a very light set of depends.
    > - zlib
    > - libxml2
    > - glib-2.0
    > There are optional wrappers for bonobo and gnome-vfs but neither
    > is a requirement.

    I would not say libxml2 and glib-2.0 are "very light set of depends",
    perhaps few, but not light.

    The Windows build of AbiWord does not usually [ever?] use libxml2 and
    well I'm just not looking forward to compiling glib-2.0, but maybe
    I'll be pleasently suprised and it won't be the pain I expect.
    (I am not volunteering to try on Windows, just stating an opinion.)


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