Re: Commit (HEAD): Cell border color support

From: Paul Rohr (
Date: Wed Jul 17 2002 - 10:29:52 EDT

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    At 11:37 PM 7/16/02 +0200, j.m.maurer wrote:
    >Add cell border color support
    >Additional cell properties: {left-color, right-color, top-color,
    >bot-color}. An example can be found here (the abw file is attached):
    >Have fun playing with it!
    > Marc

    Oooh, pretty! When you run out of similar table-related things to do --
    hah! -- you might want to implement similar logic at the block level for
    drawing borders and shading around paragraphs as well.

    Just a suggestion.

    who's grooving on all the new features being added

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