no more hardwired colors

From: Jesper Skov (
Date: Mon Jul 22 2002 - 08:45:04 EDT

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    I've just made all previously hardwired colors (such as squiggle, show
    para, selection highlight, field, etc) configurable by way of the config
    file. There's no run-time way to change the colors, but there might be
    in the future.

    Anyhu, I left some hardwired colors in the table code because Marc
    is/has been hacking that code recently. Marc, if appropriate, could you
    make those colors (only blacks IIRC) configurable in a similar fashion?
    Or let me know if it's OK for me to do it.

    The field color is a little special in that it is added to the
    background/selection colors for areas that contain a field.

    We may want to allow the selection color to have a special value which
    means that it should select complements, thus always making the selected
    text visible, regardless of the color choice.

    David, if you maintain some docs for how to tweak the preferences, you
    may want to mention the color settings there.

    I'll be closing Bug 1747 now.


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