Re: Suggestion for showing development progress to the users

From: E . A . Zen (
Date: Mon Jul 22 2002 - 14:15:47 EDT

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    Sometime today, Jesper Skov smoked some fine stuff and wrote:
    >On linuxtoday's talkback a user complained that keeping track of Bug
    >top20 and using votes in BugZilla is a waste of time since developers
    >don't care anyway (his particular complaint was with the font problem,
    >the bug being 18+ months old).
    >The other day I closed a bug with some 50 votes or so, and felt mighty
    >good about it too :) Doing so, I had a thought: how about keeping track
    >of how many votes the developers "earn" by closing Bugs.
    >I'm not sure if it would be worth making a pretty graph of, but for a
    >start, it might be interesting to just add a sub-section to AWN
    >containing a list of Bugs with votes that have been closed and verified
    >in the past week. When there's enough data, make a graph of how many
    >votes were "earned" by developers in each week.
    >Something for the next AWN editor(s) to think about.

    (not actually replied, since I wasn't subscribed at the time)

    I like the vote tracking (though not sure how you'd implement the historical side of things). Ego growth for hackers is very important to continued willingness to develop, and even though martin's table work would wipe the floor with you, I think it's a great idea. However, this is somewhat one-sided. Some bug-trackers inform submitters of bugs when theirs has changed status, having worked done, when it has been wiped from the face of the CVS version or has been given a target date, as well as anythoughts from the developers.

    High interest bugs, requests, etc (like the font issue and others) should be explained to the general public; the AWN has this brilliant li'l idea implemented about special interests...if not use that, then add a new section just like it.

    An additional idea would be to feature a particular developer to talk about his/her current work and other work on AW that would be of interest.

    Just some random thoughts while play mahjongg...on dom's far from secure RH setup;)


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