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From: Joaquin Cuenca Abela (
Date: Wed Jul 24 2002 - 03:59:20 EDT

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    --- Tomas Frydrych <> wrote:
    > > yes, it was only left aligned. Not fully
    > justified.
    > Then there seems to be something wrong with your
    > figures, since

    That's not the logical conclusion. The logical
    conclusion is that there seems to be something wrong
    with the code

    > we really only have one run per line of uniformly
    > formatted text, runs
    > are coalesced in every call to
    > fl_BlockLayout::formatLocal(), and the
    > code there, AFAICT works.

    ok, formatLocal coalesces runs, but before that, we're
    creating ~2 runs by word, and we're calling plenty of
    PP_evalProperty due to that (which turns to do a lot
    of calls to the hash, more than 20 millions).

    We *create* 165382 runs in the document. Looking at
    the code:

    bool fl_BlockLayout::_doInsertTextSpan(PT_BlockOffset
    blockOffset, UT_uint32 len)
            while(len > curOffset - blockOffset)
                    for(i = 1; i < trueLen; i++)
                            iPrevType = iType;
                            iType = fribidi_get_type((FriBidiChar)pSpan[i]);
                            if(iType != iPrevType)
                    xxx_UT_DEBUGMSG(("_doInsertTextSpan: text run:
    offset %d, len %d\n", curOffset, i));
                    fp_TextRun* pNewRun = new fp_TextRun(this,
    m_pLayout->getGraphics(), curOffset, i);

    So we're creating a run each time fribidi type of a
    character changes. English chars and spaces don't
    have the same fribidi type, so at this point we're
    splitting several runs.

    Btw, just removing some spurious PP_evalProperty and
    caching a bit here and there I've lowered the number
    of hash accesses from 21 millions to 16 millions. I
    hope that if we solve this problem with the runs, the
    number of hash accesses will reduce much more. (The
    time we pass in the hash is at least 40% of the load


    Joaquin Cuenca Abela

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