Re: Commit (HEAD): Merge the GTK2 branch into HEAD

From: Tomas Frydrych (
Date: Sun Jul 28 2002 - 04:32:53 EDT

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    Hi Marc,

    > * Note to Joaquin: I commented out the contents of the funtion
    > isUnicode() in xap_UnixPSGraphics.cpp, since the GdkFontPrivate type
    > does not exists in GDK2 anymore and I have no knowlegde of it
    > whatsoever

    There is a similar function in the code responsible for drawing on
    screen in gr_UnixGraphic.cpp (called isFontUnicode()). The
    problem in gtk1 was that you used the same function for
    drawing/measuring with 8- and 16-bit fonts, but if the font was 16-bit
    the input pointer had to point to an array of 16-bit big-endian values
    rather than 8-bit values with length measured in bytes, not
    characters -- talk about stupid, and there was no sensible way that
    Gtk would tell you which was the case, you had to access the
    underlying X font to work that out.

    Now, under gtk1 16-bit font was the only way were capable of
    displaying true usc-2 text when running under utf-8 locale. We
    should not need this for screen or PS with gtk2, since it takes utf8
    as its input and should handle this internally but the code which
    calles this function both in xap_UnixPSGraphics.cpp and
    gr_UnixGraphics.cpp must be rewritten to properly handle text, so
    that we would be still able to display multilingual documents under utf-
    8 locales. AFAIS the code has not been touched yet, so this is
    something to be added to the gtk2 TODO list.

    > * Note to Thomas: your last patch seems to have wrecked things like
    > insert break, insert table, etc. Could you look into this?

    I will have a look; I assume you mean the assert in fp_Line.h -- it
    generally indicates that we are trying to do layout when it does not
    yet make sense to do so.

    > - Did I win the Biggest-Commit-Ever-Price?
    I doubt that :-).


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