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Date: Sun Jul 28 2002 - 20:13:00 EDT

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    Should we be more actively solicting funds? Or should be trying to build
    our little community in other ways?

    i crossposted to the developer list, because i was hoping they would know
    of other projects that allow users to directly reward developers, but
    please try and keep the discussion to the user list (reply-to header set
    to the user mailing list).

    Mise le meas

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    you dont mind if i repost this to the list?

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    > Subject: Enhancement Bounty

    > That's a pretty good idea about enhancement bounties. Has that worked
    > in other projects? That seems to me a very nice way for developers to

    I was under the impression that Beonex was trying to do sponsored
    development, but i cannot turn up a relevant page on the site.

    There have been projects before that tried to create a market place for
    this sort of thing but i think most of them have failed as they were
    over ambitious.

    If i cross post to the developer list i am sure some of them would
    know of the sites i am thinking of.

    What i am thinking of this more akin to Busking, the Street Performer
    protocol, taking requests ...

    I dont offhand know of any Gnome projects that work this way but i am sure
    some of the more succesfull projects have definately received corporate
    sponsorship in various forms.

    > be compensated for their work and the users to contribute to the

    > project. Just because I am curious, how much would you think the
    > "mail merge feature" is "worth"?

    it is not about the cold hard cash, that is merely an incentive.
    The idea would be to get several people to give modest amounts at least
    $10 voting but with money. Dom has previously said he would hold money in
    his paypal account for feature requests and i assume the offer is still

    > Keep up the good work on the application.

    Lots of very promising stuff for 2.0, there is some talk of possibly
    having testing/beta releases of 1.3 available in October/September which
    will eventually stabilise and become gold 2.0 version.

    Keep using abiword, help find bugs, help isolate those damned printing
    bugs and you will have my utmost respect, help triage bugs in bugzilla,
    help answer even the most silly questions on the mailing list but at the
    same time remain polite and dignified like i (try to) do

    Mise le meas

    Alan Horkan
    Dublin, Ireland

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