Re: commit: Step towards nested tables.

From: Martin Sevior (
Date: Mon Jul 29 2002 - 07:57:52 EDT

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    On Mon, 2002-07-29 at 20:02, j.m.maurer wrote:
    > Great work martin!
    > >
    > > The nested table are inserted but the lines are in the wrong place.
    > > Clear screen doesn't work because uwog disabled it for non-broken
    > > tables.
    > >
    > > uwog: Nested tables are an instance where tables are not broken and
    > > still displayed. You'll have to working on your coloured cells to enable
    > > this so we can clear screen.
    > >
    > I'll fix this ASAP

    Great! Thanks. Upon further inspection of what you've done for
    clearScreen() for cells, I really think you've taken the wrong path.

    clearScreen() should just call down to all the containers within the
    cell calling clearScreen() on each of the containers with the cell.
    These are eventually resolved to fp_Line::clearSceen() which actually
    paints over the line with the background color.

    They used to work this way.

     fpContainer * pCon = getFirstContainer()
            pCon = pCon->getNext();

    Also I used to have a method clearLines() which just paints over the
    lines drawn with drawLines() with background color. I put private member
    variables to store the corners of the lines of cell with the cell. This
    code has also been removed. I really think the way clearLines() worked
    is the right way to do this.

    Background color of the cells should be set inside the fp_CellLayout as
    the the screen color. When runs and lines chainup to find the
    background color, they get the color inside the cell.

    Doing things this way nicely isolates each component of the application.
    This greatly aids maintainabilty of the application and allows this sort
    of nesting with different colors images in each cell or table.
    > Marc
    > PS. Doe yo have any clue how to fix the cell borders being all f*cked
    > up? The barder gap is different for Tables with 1 or 2 or 3 or whatever
    > rows

    Ah that is what is happening. No in don't know we have that problem at
    this point. We will have to dig and try to find the bug.

    Also the table cell controls on the top ruler don't work right now. If
    you attempt to drag a control nothing happens.



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