Re: [OT] RFEs -- Better Ways to Search the Archives

From: Randy Kramer (
Date: Mon Jul 29 2002 - 09:34:03 EDT

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    Alan Horkan wrote:
    > " Add Link to the Archive before Sending to List Members "
    > i like this idea, my only worry might be adding to much delay but
    > we already add junk to user mailing list posts anyway and it does not seem
    > to cause any problems.


    Thanks for the response, and I'm glad you like this idea. Unfortunately
    it is currently beyond my capabilities to make such a change myself
    (which I think would have to be done to the mailing list software, and
    because I am interested in more than just AbiWord, would probably be
    need to done for several. Maybe someday I'll find a mailing list for a
    mailing list program and repeat the suggestion there.

    > i think we should also add a link to a page soliciting sponsorship/funding
    > at the bottom of every post to the user mailing list.

    Sounds good to me!

    > People should be encouraged to post summaries of long/important
    > threads and add lots of keywords to make them easier to search for.
    > Any ways to encourage people to write summary reports would be helpful, in
    > fact i hereby request that people ask/tell me to summaries any long
    > threads that i start, or that i post in many times.

    I agree, and, IMHO, putting them on the TWiki as an FAQ (or even RAQs
    (Rarely Asked Questions)) would be a good thing to do.

    If anybody wants to contribute any, let me know and I'll try to help
    with the simpler infrastructure. (Like making a page like except for
    AbiWordRAQs (if appropriate). Or, we could have things like UAQ (User
    Asked Questions), DAQ (Developer Asked Questions), or whatever.

    > PS remember the brain dump i sent last week? i think the mailing list
    > archive software could stand to be a bit more flexible, more general data
    > should make it easier to find what one is looking for as well as making
    > thinks like summary posts and AWN easier.

    I saved it, but I'll have to go look at it again. If that was the same
    one that suggested an FAQ, sorry I haven't got that far yet -- if you
    have a chance, give it a try yourself.

    Aside: If you're not registered, let me (or really, Jesper Skov) know if
    you have a problem registering. About two weeks ago a few people had
    some trouble registering -- I haven't heard whether a problem was found
    and fixed or not.

    Randy Kramer

    > On Sat, 20 Jul 2002, Randy Kramer wrote:
    > > I'm looking for better ways to search the mail list archives.
    > >
    > > Please see
    > >

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