Re: proposed updateBacgroundColor() fix

From: j.m.maurer (
Date: Mon Jul 29 2002 - 11:13:25 EDT

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    Op ma 29-07-2002, om 17:07 schreef Joaquin Cuenca Abela:
    > --- "j.m.maurer" <>
    > wrote:
    > > AFAICT, this is just a hack and doesn't fixes the
    > > real problem I
    > > addressed is my mail from a few minutes ago.
    > btw, IMO your problem is a completely orthogonal one
    > to the transparent stuff.
    True, I see that now

    > Just to put some background on this problem (to
    > everybody that has not followed all that closely
    > enough), when a run has a "transparent" (or white)
    > background,

    (But now you are getting to my problem again....)
    No, a run isn't supposed to have a background or transparent color, it's
    container may have on, but a Run not

    > and somebody asks the run to clear itself,
    > the run asks the page what is its background,

    The clear call should be forwarded to it's parent container. The run
    should not be allowed to do this

    and then
    > we do a lookup which ends showing in the performance
    > stats (basically because we ask each run to clear
    > itself a *lot* of times).

    This will indeed help a for now. Although this should be rewritten


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