Re: Error building BMP plugin for win32

From: F J Franklin (
Date: Mon Jul 29 2002 - 13:33:28 EDT

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    On Mon, 29 Jul 2002, Jordi Mas wrote:
    > Hello guys,
    > I'm trying to build the BMP pluggin under win32:
    > GNUmakefile:188: .deps/ie_impGraphic_BMP.Plo: No such file or directory

    some versions of automake-1.5 don't handle "GNUmakefile" very well. Either
    upgrade (automake-1.6.3 is the latest) or edit - I think it's - depout.m4
    which mentions Makefile on two lines in a case/esac statement, you need to
    add equivalent lines for GNUmakefile

    Regards, Frank

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