Re: commit: abi & abiword-plugins: simple plugin interface

From: Kenneth J.Davis (
Date: Mon Jul 29 2002 - 23:24:19 EDT

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    Alan Horkan <> wrote on 7/28/2002 10:14:51 PM:
    >on a vaugely related matter has any thought been given to a consistant
    >plugin api across Gnome-Office? specifically is Abiword trying to copy
    >anyone or are we hoping someone will copy our pluing API.

    I don't use Gnome stuff, so I couldn't answer there; presently our [AbiWord's]
    Plugin API (not counting the recent SPI additions & [un]registration) is more
    of all [most] our classes available internally than a clearly defined API.
    Now the C[1] API I'm [slowly] working on is initially only slightly simpler
    than the current situation. Once I get the [2]importers/exporters supported,
    my plan is to ask for suggestions for improvements/simplications/...
    I would say our plugins are very application specific as they currently
    are written, though it should be possible for some of them at least to
    be written in a more application neutral manner ([or at least less AbiWord
    internal specific] which is something I would like in the future as I get
    a chance to improve the C API exported by the AbiCapi plugin; but this isn't
    planned for my initial 1.0 release of it (unless I magically get more
    time or find another job working with computers again).

    Of course my C API plugin work is still unofficial stuff, so until its
    ready for others to review & hopefully liked, nothing regarding it
    really matters [except on Windows where I can support it].

    [1] while the API is C, the current plugins are still C++ technically, and
    can have access to classes through pointer fun.

    [2] sorry about taking so long here, but I will [life permitting] have
    this done within the next few weeks (my recent job change has sucked both my
    time and desire to do much of anything on days I work).

    >For basic text processing type plugins (like change case, word count or
    >something) in theory some plugins could be reusable across many
    >applications (i just described a library didn't i, ho hum).

    In theory sure. We could in theory even have a plugin that supported
    such application neutral plugins so AbiWord wouldn't need any changes.
    The question I have is what other applications would we want to share
    such plugins with? then it would be a matter of designing an appropriate
    API so the plugins could transfer the text/changes/... in a supported
    manner and of course write the (or change existing) plugins taking
    advantage of the API. :-)


    Interesting idea, and I will definitely do my best (within my tiny time limits) to help.

    >Alan Horkan
    >On Tue, 16 Jul 2002, Kenneth J.Davis wrote:

    Jeremy Davis

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