*warrning*: fribidi removal forthcoming

From: Tomas Frydrych (tomas@frydrych.uklinux.net)
Date: Tue Jul 30 2002 - 08:04:56 EDT

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    Just a reminder to all makefile maintainers, I will remove
    src/other/fribidi this forthcoming weekend, and this will break all
    builds until the makefiles are fixed.

    AW makefile changes:
        All platforms will have to link against Fribidi in system directories
        (wherever that might be); I will change all the #include "fribidi.h"
        to #include <fribidi/fribidi.h>. Ideally, the make system should
        check the version of the library on the system; we require version
    >= 0.10.4 and interface version == 2.

    getting/building fribidi:
        autoconf-using platforms: get the package from
        http://fribidi.sourceforge.net, build and install in the usual fashion.

        For win32: either get the fribidi module from AbiWord CVS
        and build using the provided MSVC project files, or you can get a
        precompiled one from

        all other platforms: get the module from AW CVS, create
        makefiles for your platform (please place all platform specific stuff
        into a suitably named subdirectory of the module) and commit the
        makefiles to the fribidi module. If adding version info to the library
        use the version defines found in fribidi_config.h.

        We do not need the library to contain charset-conversion
        functions (~ autoconf option --without-charsets), so the minimal
        set of files that need to be compiled and linked is:


            However, feel free to provide mechanism for compiling the whole
          thing, as Behdad Esfahbod, the current fribidi maintainer,
          agreed to add any make systems we provide to the official
          package, providing we keep them updated for releases, which
          I have committed us to doing :); we will do this anyway, the fribidi
          releases are not too frequent, I suspect often the make files will
          not need any changes at all, and it might give this excellent
          library a wider exposure.


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