[POW] Project of the Week, "A Few Good Strings"

From: Alan Horkan (horkana@tcd.ie)
Date: Tue Jul 30 2002 - 15:52:40 EDT

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    I believe the old project of the week system is important, especially in
    light of Jesper Skovs recent comments that the News and the POW got him
    started contributing to Abiword. Paul Rohr suggested they be used as they
    help bring in new developer (i dont have a link to archived mail).

    This is resonably easy POW the purpose of which is to get users to
    familiarise themselves with CVS and make a few string fixes.

    3546 typo fix
    3684 typo fix,
    does not actually require any french move accellerator/mnemonic/underline
    just move the & to the right place)

    pejcao has expressed an interest in this task on IRC, reply to the list
    to claim it, i will see about adding this to the webpage (and probably an
    appropriate POW meta bug in mozilla too).

    I think perhaps some of the plugins should be advertised as POW
    (specifically plugging the unix utilities style and/or diction into the
    grammar checking framework).

    Alan Horkan

    "building community cause instead of code" ;)

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