commit: footnote work

From: Patrick Lam (
Date: Wed Jul 31 2002 - 00:12:58 EDT

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    some refactoring; and more backend work for footnotes
    CVS: ----------------------------------------------------------------------
    CVS: Enter Log. Lines beginning with `CVS:' are removed automatically
    CVS: Committing in .
    CVS: Modified Files:
    CVS: src/text/fmt/xp/fb_ColumnBreaker.cpp
    CVS: src/text/fmt/xp/fl_BlockLayout.cpp
    CVS: src/text/fmt/xp/fl_DocLayout.cpp
    CVS: src/text/fmt/xp/fl_DocLayout.h
    CVS: src/text/fmt/xp/fl_DocListener.cpp
    CVS: src/text/fmt/xp/fl_FootnoteLayout.cpp
    CVS: src/text/fmt/xp/fv_View.cpp src/text/fmt/xp/fv_View.h
    CVS: src/text/fmt/xp/fv_View_cmd.cpp
    CVS: src/text/fmt/xp/fv_View_protected.cpp
    CVS: src/text/ptbl/xp/pf_Frag_Strux_Section.cpp
    CVS: src/text/ptbl/xp/pt_PT_InsertStrux.cpp
    CVS: src/text/ptbl/xp/pt_PieceTable.cpp
    CVS: src/text/ptbl/xp/pt_PieceTable.h
    CVS: ----------------------------------------------------------------------

    Insert | Endnote crashes Abi now, but the layouts get properly placed
    in the layout hierarchy. I need to make the containers, though; this
    happens in fb_ColumnBreaker.cpp. That's the next thing I'm going to
    work on (in my copious spare time.)


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