Re: Commit: unix clipboard rework

From: Jordi Mas (
Date: Wed Jul 31 2002 - 04:52:39 EDT

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    > 3) Support image pasting from the clipboard. Untested because I can't
    > tell what clipboard GIMP is posting stuff too, but it doesn't seem to be
    > Dom

    I have implemented this on win32. Right now, AP_MENU_ID_EDIT_PASTE_SPECIAL and
    AP_MENU_ID_EDIT_PASTE use the method canPasteFromClipboard() to active the
    menu when there is stuff to paste. If you are 'pasting' graphics Paste
    Unformated does not make sense. Should we include a new method called
    canPasteSpecialFromClipboard() and implemented it in all platforms?



    Jordi Mas

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