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From: Mugurel Tudor (mugurelu@go.ro)
Date: Wed Jul 31 2002 - 12:18:19 EDT

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            Just one question: I am arguing with a friend, is the translation
    sistem of the abiword changed or what ? I don't have any .mo files in my
    directory of abi, just a directory of strings. So if I want to make a
    translation, just modify one of those .string files and that would do
    that ? I repeat, I have abiword instaled in my sistem, packaged by
    redhat, I have changed I string file, and now AbiWord is in romanian.
    But my friend said that this is wrong, I should translate not the string
    file, but the .po file. If that is true, where are the .mo files ? Am I
    missing something here. Please have mercy with me :))

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