Some tests for new features.

From: Martin Sevior (
Date: Wed Jul 31 2002 - 23:40:37 EDT

Hi folks,
          We're currently making great progress on lots of different fronts but
I think have to be a bit more careful about committing changes without
fully testing features.

Here are a few tests everyone should do before committing changes to the

1. Load 25 page document.
2. Put a header in the document.
3. Put a section break at page 10.
4. go to page 11 and insert a footer.
5. undo
6. undo
7. undo
You should be back at 1.
8. redo
9. redo
10. redo
You should be back at 4.

Now insert a table. Undo/redo. Do you have the table back?

Now check that the feature you're implemented or fixed works on

If all is OK your code is OK, commit it.

If it doesn't but it is a step along the way and it doesn't impact other
aspects of abiword

I suspect that right now abiword doesn't pass this test. It would be
worthwhile to fix things now until it does.

As in all things there are certainly exceptions to these rules, but if
you break them please inform everyone and explain why you need to break
the build.

Thanks everyone,


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