Re: AbiWord on the Web

From: Michael A. Peters <>
Date: Thu Jan 13 2005 - 07:48:02 CET

On 01/12/2005 07:45:41 PM, Ryan Pavlik wrote:

> <snip>
> I'd just like to add that AbiWord works great with PDFCreator
> ( ) and I use it daily. This is not a
> convincing reason to use OO.o :)

On another note - in Linux, AbiWord prints PDF just fine through the
gnome-print stuff.

Earlier last year there was a bug where some fonts would not display
properly (gibberish instead) - but that wasn't an AbiWord problem, the
same fonts did not properly display in PDF printed from Epiphany

The font foundry gave me permission to give the font to the gnome print
people, and now it works (apparently the font wasn't exactly in ttf

Early in fc3 there was another pdf print bug related to international
characters (I use AbiWord primarily for assignments in Spanish class) -
but that seems to working now too (I print to PDF because then I can
print it from Windows if I do something on my machine to break
printing, which happens sometimes because I play with rawhide packages.
Unfortunately AbiWord for Windows doesn't print well to my printer, it
doesn't do the page breaks correctly)

But anyway - I think printing to PDF should be a facility of the OS
(either free as it is in OS X or Gnome - or with an add-on package like
in Windows), and not a facility of the application.

Apps should have as little code as possible imho to make them easier to
maintain, and should not therefore do things the OS should do.

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