Re: large documents & bugs

From: Marilia Coutinho <>
Date: Tue Jan 25 2005 - 12:13:24 CET

With small files, the spell checker works fine and looks nice (unlike the
OpenOffice checker, which, however works better). However, it fails to
recognize certain words and sometimes, after you click the command "change",
the software highlights the same word and displays no suggestion (the word
which, by definition, is correct because you have accepted the first
suggestion). Little things someone knowledgeable might want to work on.

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> Op ma, 24-01-2005 te 23:28 -0200, schreef Marilia Coutinho:
> > I've just installed abiword so that I could spellcheck a document. It is
> > large file (1.4MB, 430pages). The software doesn't seem to be able to
> > documents this large. It opens other texts, but when I try larger files,
> > fails. Is it supposed to be like this?
> There are indeed some performance problems while handling large
> documents. It is a known problem
> With some luck, someone will fix it someday :-)
> Bye!
> Marc

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