Problems spell checking a document using AbiWord 2.2.3 on Linux

From: Tom Williams <>
Date: Fri Jan 28 2005 - 04:39:03 CET

Ok, I've got AbiWord 2.2.3 installed and enchant 1.1.5 on my Slackware 8-base
Linux system. When I build AbiWord, it detects enchant and the build runs
without problems.

When I type a document, the auto-spell check is not working and when I disable
it and manually spell check the document, it says the spell check is complete
but the errors in the document are not flagged. I've got glib/gtk+ 2.6.1 installed.

Any ideas on what could be wrong? I also notice in the spell checking
preferences, the check boxes for the dictionary entries are greyed out.

Thanks in advance!


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