Re: Assorted recommendations

From: Dom Lachowicz <>
Date: Sun Jan 30 2005 - 00:16:36 CET

> I've been very careful in not expecting a toe-to-toe
> Word or
> WordPerfect equivalent in AbiWord, rather I'd
> imagine that a reasonable
> "functional parity target" for AbiWord to aim for is
> Nisus Express
> (Mac), which is marvelously complete for a basic WP
> but laced with bugs
> and quirks. The recommendations I posed fall into
> Nisus's capabilities.
> AbiWord already surpasses Mariner Write in
> capabilities - not an easy
> thing to do, so knocking on Nisus's door I think
> would definitely be a
> open source WP showstopper.

Just to mention a funny anectdote or two, Nisus uses
AbiWord underneath the hood for its import/export
needs, and Mariner once used (and may still be
using...) one of AbiWord's subcomponents, wvWare, for
its MSWord importer.

The products you mentioned that AbiWord/OSX should
"strive to emulate" actually use AbiWord underneath
the hood. It made me chuckle :)


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