Re: Problems spell checking a document using AbiWord 2.2.3 on Linux

From: Tom Williams <>
Date: Sun Jan 30 2005 - 07:44:33 CET wrote:
> Tom Williams wrote:
>> > What spelling library (e.g. aspell, ispell) are you using and what
>> version?
>> For some reason, I'm not receiving messages from the list, so please
>> have patience. :)
>> I've got aspell 0.60 installed. This is what enchant detects:
>> enchant-1.1.5
>> prefix: /usr
>> compiler: gcc
>> Build Aspell backend: yes
>> Build Ispell backend: yes
>> Build Uspell backend: no
>> Build Hspell backend: no
>> Build Myspell backend: yes
>> Build against system Myspell: no
>> tom@linux:~/build/enchant-1.1.5$
> I believe ispell relies on hash files (e.g. american.hash) while aspell
> relies on installed packages (e.g. aspell-EN). Can you see if you have a
> hash file or library installed for the language you want to spellcheck in?

Thanks for the information. I got the problem resolved by installing an
aspell6-en dictionary after upgrading to aspell-0.60.2. :)

I posted this to the list earlier but I guess it was missed in my confusion over
my not receiving messages from the mailing list. Spell check IS now working as
expected. All systems are "5-by-5". :)



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