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From: Joaquin Cuenca Abela (
Date: Thu Jul 04 2002 - 12:25:00 EDT

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    --- Leonard Rosenthol <> wrote:
    > >ie. if we change Arial for Helvetica, we have to
    > show in the
    > >font family combo box the Helvetica name (as this
    > is the font the
    > >abiword is using to display the text).
    > Agreed.
    > But you may also wish to alert the user as well
    > since their
    > document WILL reflow based on the new metrics.

    yup. IMO that's a must. We should inform the user
    that he is not going to see the document exactly as it
    was originally layed.

    But we should also provide a [x] Don't show anymore
    this dialog box, because if he sees it once, chances
    are that the dialog box pops everytime he opens a
    document created on an alien OS

    > >This substitution should be a "only visual" one
    > (only the string in the
    > >GUI is affected, but the doc is still saved with
    > "Arial"), or a "hard"
    > >one (the file is saved with "Helvetica").
    > I would give the user a choice about this one,
    > given the
    > metrics changes and that they may now be using this
    > file always on
    > the new machine and may want it changed permanently.

    I think that by default we should pick the less
    intrusive option (ie, soft changes), because that way
    the user can still later change the choice to "hard
    changes" (once you do a hard change, you can not come
    back to a soft change on a given document).

    The option of give the user the word as what it wants
    by default the first time the problem arises is
    tempting, but I don't know if a "normal" user (I mean,
    a REALLY NORMAL ONE, not these weird guys that use
    "lunix" or whatever :) would understand what's all
    that "original fonts not available" businness. If we
    go this path, we definitively will need a good wording
    for the dialog box.


    Joaquin Cuenca Abela

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