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Date: Thu Jul 04 2002 - 17:53:19 EDT

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    Randy Kramer wrote:

    >Alan Horkan wrote:
    >>i mostly dont change the font from Times New Roman, and in fact would
    >>rather not save any font information and let the viewer see in their
    >>preferred font.
    >>so this idea of a default "Non Font" is quite appealing.
    >I don't think we're all on the same wavelength. I like Mark Gilbert's
    >proposal to prompt (ask the question) the first time the need arises,
    >but the question is whether to replace existing fonts visual only or
    >"hard" -- there would still be fonts saved in the document.

    >Your idea to have a default "non-font" setting (where the users generic
    >choice of fonts overrides anything specified in the document) might be
    >interesting (it is what I usually prefer for web browsing), but is
    >something different. (IIUC)
    This is used by QNX. If you try to use a font that doesn't exist. it
    will default to a existing one, mappings can also be done from a font
    config program.
    My 2 öre is that you set up a kind of mapping table. By default there
    are a few entries (Helvetica -> Arial etc), and you can ofcaurse add own
    There should also be a default mapping, so it will use a specified font
    if there is no rule.
    Abiword should also display a warning, so that the user know it might
    not be fully WYSIWYG, if the default mapping is used, so that the user
    can 1) add a mapping for this font 2) Ignore and use default.


    >Randy Kramer

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