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From: F J Franklin (
Date: Sun Jul 07 2002 - 06:42:58 EDT

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    > > Is there not a more generic way to import unknown
    > > tags?
    > Actually I don't know but these are not unknown tags.
    > As a first implementation we can treat them as "do
    > nothing" tags. Later on we'll do the right thing
    > with them.

    The HTML standard says unknown tags shoul be ignored, so that
    extensions such as ruby can be added on top.

    >> And while you are looking at this part of the code i
    >> was wondering if
    >> abiword allows/preserves tags of the form <? blah ?>
    >> or if <!-- comments
    >> survive intact -->
    >> i have been meaning to test this out for myself but
    >> got distracted...

    it doesn't, but support for <!--comments--> and <?processing
    instructions?> is easy enough to add if necessary.

    But imported files and exported files are mostly independent. Why would
    you want to preserve these? I'm not saying you wouldn't - my dad, for one,
    is frustrated by the way MSWord doesn't preserve such info, but I don't
    think it's easy without extending AbiWord to an arbitrary-XML editor and I
    don't know how possible or wise that is.

    One thing I'd like to work on is a 'PHTML' importer/exporter...


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