Re: Some Table bugs...

From: j.m.maurer (
Date: Fri Jul 12 2002 - 07:53:18 EDT

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    Op vr 12-07-2002, om 11:46 schreef Martin Sevior:
    > MG wote in with some table problems. Many of these can be fixed by other
    > people. (uwog ?) Anyway feel free to dive in help out!

    Yeah, Yeah, let me do all the bugfixing... just kidding, I like to smash
    bugs into little blurbs of flesh and watery substance...

    > - Cursor is offset so that it overlaps into the row below.
    > --------------------------
    > This is a table line drawing bug I think.
    > This only seems to happen for tables of less than 3 rows. The appropriate
    > code is in fp_TableContainer.cpp
    > fp_CellTainer::setToAllocation(...)

    I'll have a look at this...I was looking for this bug yesterday, but I'm
    virtualy clueless where to look :) This helps a lot!


    > - If I move the left border of a cell further left than the right border
    > of the cell to its left i get a new cell of min size (1 char) between
    > the two while the original cell (whose border i moved) is at its old
    > size but its text squeezed to the left border in the same 1char manner
    > and a fscked up top ruler. I shouldn't be allowed to do that (-:
    > ----------------------------------------
    > uwog? Can you detect and disallow this in ap_TopRuler?

    Sir, Yes Sir! (I'll try to anyway :)

    > Also, I like your left ruler display of the row borders but maybe you
    > could make it significantly thinner or at least reflect the thickness of
    > the row borders?
    > ---------------------------------------------------------
    > This is a small tweak to the ap_LeftRuler.cpp code. Someone should feel
    > free to implement it. It's really easy. Just look for some method to draw
    > CellMarkers.

    Consider it done lutenant!

    > Anyway other people should follow [NAME SENSORED] example and hack on
    > them too ;-)

    Yeah, we need hackers! more hackers! call all your friend and ask them
    to come over for some real fun!

    Happy coding!

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