commit: wv: XML output option for wvWare

From: F J Franklin (
Date: Sun Jul 14 2002 - 09:20:23 EDT

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    o new wvXml.xml config and two new command line options (Martin Junius)

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    On 13 Jul 2002, Martin Junius wrote:
    > Martin Junius <> writes:
    > > in the process of developing some tools for converting Word .doc to
    > > XML, in particular DocBook, I hacked wvWare to support a new wvXml.xml
    > > config and two new command line options:
    > >
    > > -X --xml use wvXml.xml config, set charset to utf-8, add / to all
    > > hard-coded <img> and <br> tags.
    > > -1 --nographics1 donīt output 0x01 graphics
    > >
    > > (with my test documents, all WMF appear twice, first at the correct
    > > position as 0x08, second as an extra copy as 0x01 at the end of the
    > > wvWare output)
    > >
    > > Basically the XML output format contains the paragraphs <p> and tables
    > > <table> of the document with the style and formatting information for
    > > further processing with XML tools.
    > Here comes an updated version of my patch, against the current CVS at
    > Any chance of seeing the in the wv CVS in a not too
    > distant future?

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