Regarding bug 3386: Default background color should be the system default

From: Jordi Mas (
Date: Sun Jul 14 2002 - 12:03:56 EDT

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    Regarding this bug:

    This bug is classified as a Win32 bug, but conceptually I think that it
    affects or can affects other platforms.

    In Win32 a well-designed application should use the default system colours and
       not its own colours. Right now, AbiWord uses always the white colour
    (ffffff) as default background colour. At least in Windows, we should be
    really using the default window system colour. Is this true for other platforms?

    If this is a necessity for other platforms also, in my opinion, we should
    have a system-dependent call that returns the default background system colour
    in each case and change the concept of 'white colour' by 'system default

    What do you think about this?



    Jordi Mas

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