Re: commit: abi & abiword-plugins: simple plugin interface

From: F J Franklin (
Date: Mon Jul 15 2002 - 06:21:20 EDT

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    > Today I've
    > gone through and tried to figure out what was causing memory leaks
    > (per the debug dump at AbiWord.exe exit), which it ended up being that
    > the plugins were never unloaded, so they didn't get a chance to cleanup.
    > I'm going to apply a fix shortly, without which trying to use the
    > link-grammar plugin will make AbiWord appear locked on exit in a debug
    > build as it tries to show all the memory never free'd.

    I was slightly puzzled before by the


    which I've just changed, taking the statement out of the assert. Does this
    mean that plugins never unloaded in non-debug builds?

    Anyway, they should now. Also, the Spider is almost finished now.
    wp/ap/*/ap_*App.cpp need to be updated to call
    XAP_ModuleManager::instance().registerPending() after loading the

    > What are your ideas [API you've been considering] for supporting importers
    > and exporters?

    Document import/export poses a real challenge. The only API I've been
    considering for that is the simple convert unknown format to known format
    (TEXT, RTF, DOC, AWML, + maybe eventually [XP]HTML), i.e.

    extern "C" [...] int
    convert_document (const unsigned char * source_buffer,
                      unsigned long source_length,
                      const char * source_content_type,
                      unsigned char ** buffer,
                      unsigned long * length,
                      char ** content_type);

    > Load order isn't an issue for me, presently
    > AbiWord loads the plugin as usual, which has no imports from AbiWord
    > so that goes well, AbiWord calls the plugins register function, which
    > then in turn explicitely loads my AbiCapi plugin, which causes it
    > to be loaded and it does has imports from AbiWord so Windows goes
    > ahead and resolves them [at least I think thats what happens].

    If I understand you, the AbiCapi plugin is never explicitly registered
    as an AbiWord plugin?

    > Anyway, I'm just having fun playing with the plugins.

    it's fun :-)

    Ciao, Frank

    Francis James Franklin

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