AbiWord Weekly News - further on the subscription idea

From: Jesper Skov (jskov@zoftcorp.dk)
Date: Mon Jul 15 2002 - 06:41:04 EDT

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    It is now about a week since I announced the plans to make AWN
    subscription based. I've spent the time to think a more about the
    model, and consider some of the feedback I have received.

    I have received 12 mails as a result of the announcement; most were a
    really nice read and made it clear that AWN is an important means of
    letting users know about AbiWord development. There was also a snotty
    mail asking me how much of the proceeds I would then be paying
    Mr. Fsckwit for proof-reading AWN. Really nice, thanks. That one
    certainly made my day. Not.

    I also got a single monetary contribution (thanks James! - let me know
    if you want your money back).

    Of the 11 serious mails, two contained pledges for subscription and
    one made it clear that he would not pay for subscription, while it was
    implied in most of the others that the gratis availability of AWN was
    crucial to their interest in it.

    So I guess financial compensation is out of the window; an attempt to
    make AWN subscription based would surely fail. Which is good because
    AWN now will continue to be available to all (even potential) users
    who want to see what happens in AbiWord Development. As it should be,
    arguably, to serve its purpose.

    It's also bad, of course, because gratis access to a discontinued
    newsletter is not of much use to anyone. I expect that when I decide
    that I've done the last issue of AWN, someone will take over. It
    happened before, it will again I'm sure. Someone out there is just
    waiting for me to stop whinging and move on so he or she can take

    However, there is one thing left I want to try before I stop editing
    AWN. But it's rather unlikely to pan out, so don't hold your
    breath. I'll let you know more about it within a couple of weeks when
    it has failed.

    Until then, enjoy the next couple of AWN issues...


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