Re: AbiWord Weekly News - further on the subscription idea

From: Randy Kramer (
Date: Wed Jul 17 2002 - 14:52:09 EDT

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    I'm just thinking out loud, but I wonder if the TWiki could help
    "replace" some or all of the AbiWord Weekly News, and distribute the
    workload among more people at the same time. (More likely I'm
    daydreaming or "tripping".)

    Anyway, I'd suggest we think about the different pieces of AWN and see
    what might be conducive to being done on the TWiki.

    We'd want to develop a page naming convention for TWiki -- maybe:

       * AwnBugCount20020717
       * AwnFeaturesRequested20020717
       * AwnBugVote20020717
       * Awn...

    And so on. We'd want to think about the right order for the prefixes to
    help with searching and sorting.

    We can also include what I call Table of Contents (TOC) pages, like
    AwnBugCountTOC, which would include an inline search to display all the
    BugCount pages in date order (or inverse date order --if we can find a
    date "encoding" which sorts inversely). (The first thing that comes to
    mind is doing sort of a complement of the days date, for example
    subtract 20020717 from, say 10000000 and use the remainder as the
    encoded date -- extremely ugly. I'm not aware of a built in option in
    TWiki to change the sort order -- someone with some Perl knowledge could
    probably hack it.)

    I'd also (probably) publish a weekly TOC page like AwnTOC20020717 -- a
    new one each week) which displayed links to all the pieces of that
    week's AWN, i.e.:

       * AwnBugCount20020717
       * AwnBugVote20020717
       * AwnFeaturesRequested20020717
       * Awn...

    If we did something like this, different people could take
    responsibility for different parts of the Weekly news, someone for bug
    counts, someone else for top 20 requested features, etc., etc., etc.
    And, AWN would automatically be "archived" on the TWiki.

    Anyway, if Mark is willing to take over, and has the time, that's
    wonderful! If not, maybe considering the use of the TWiki is worth
    further brainstorming.

    Randy Kramer

    Jesper Skov wrote:
    > On Tue, 2002-07-16 at 23:39, Mark Gilbert wrote:
    > > I'll try (unless someone else steps up), but it may turn into an AbiWord
    > > Gazette as starting shortly I'll have about one twentieth of the amount
    > > of free time I currently have (or less) to work on abiword. If someone
    > > else does step up hopefully he or she will have enough time to keep the
    > > quality and frequency from lapsing.
    > I would prefer a regular publication, but it's obviously not for me to
    > decide. If anything, rename it to the AbiWord Newsletter and publish 1-2
    > times a month, but do so regularly.

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