Re: xft issues.

From: Joaquín Cuenca Abela (
Date: Thu Jul 18 2002 - 13:49:44 EDT

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    On Thu, 2002-07-18 at 19:10, Martin Sevior wrote:
    > Hi Joaquin,
    > Dom and I finally got the xft build to work


    > and came across some issues.
    > Firstly it takes a really long time to load now! About 5 minutes on my 1
    > Ghz laptop.

    Ouch! Sometimes it takes up to 20 seconds on my 750Mhz, and sometimes
    it runs in ~0.7 s.

    I think that it's highly sensitive to the fonts.conf file, but I don't
    yet know where it's screwing everything.

    For instance, mozilla-xft seems to not have this problem... I've just
    copied the fonts.conf that I use for mozilla to the fonts.conf that I
    use for abiword and I will see if the problems goes away.

    Anyway I will start tracking it

    > It's look like it is scanning the whole of my file system
    > and loading all the glyphs.

    It needs to do that, but only once. The first time that the first xft
    app starts.

    But it should not scan the whole file system, but just the dirs listed
    in fonts.conf and its subdirs (what dirs do you have in your
    fonts.conf?). The problem is that in my computer the scan happens a bit
    too much (not everytime, but sometimes).

    > Clearly we need to speed this up.

    Yes, absolutely. Even the "fast" case (the 0.7s) is almost
    inacceptable, let alone the "worst" case...

    > Next when we actually load a *.abw file it is also very very slow. It
    > appears to not make font caching work although I can see all the code in
    > place for some reason it is not working. It looks like it is creating a
    > new font for each run, which is extremely slow.

    Ok, that should be my fault. I will try loading big files and start
    caching things... I have some ideas of where this problem comes...

    > Have you seen these issues? Do you know how to fix them?

    Yes, and partially. I'm pretty sure that the low speed loading
    documents is my fault. For the low speed starting you should have to
    blame Keith, but I will try to at least to find the bottleneck and
    report it.


    Joaquín Cuenca Abela

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