From: Jody Goldberg (
Date: Thu Jul 18 2002 - 14:03:44 EDT

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    I've just caught up with the followup traffic on the initial post
    and would like to add a few thoughts.

    1) Please do not attempt to cut-n-paste the library and rip out the
       glib depend. This is not as simple as it was with libole2, we
       do actually use gobject now. I've specificly tried to respect
       the needs of the abi-dev team when I wrote the library. The goal
       is to provide a _shared_ library for our projects to put common
       functionality. That is not going to happen if you fork it.
    2) GLib has been ported to win32 and most other platforms. You
       need not depend on it publicly, but it makes life much easier for
       those of us writing in C. There is of course an added cost to
       you in requiring yet another depend. Hopefully that should be
       more than offset by the added functionality. When the zip file
       support lands (hopefully in the next few days) you will actually
       be able to avoid a depend on zipios++ or zzlib.

    3) Build system pain. This is always an irritation. I had not
       though about this. There are lots of potential solutions.
       - Have the abi-make people add the appropriate gunk to libgsf
         and force libgsf to depend on abiword on the platforms you
       - Put the core of the abi-build stuff into libgsf and have
         that used by abiword and gnumeric

       The latter is more work but would help to pull the projects
       together. Gnumeric is close to only depending on libs that are
       available under win32. Having a build system in place would be

    4) libxml2 depends. Yes, this could currently be removed. Those
       are just convenience routines. My longer term goal will be to
       move many of the convenience routines here from gnumeric.
        - load/store colours
        - DOM tree child by name
        - SAX state nodes and support
        All the useful little tidbits we've accumulated. It would be
        nice to share them.

    5) Have any of you looked at the api ? I'm specificly interested in
       the C++ perspective here. Do you folk use iostreams as your
       i/o abstraction ? Is the interface rich enough to allow you to
       do what you need ?

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