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From: Dom Lachowicz/Appligent (
Date: Fri Jul 19 2002 - 09:25:46 EDT

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    Hi Cuenca, Jody,

    Jody - rest assured that I've looked at GSF and it looks quite good. I
    even asked you questions about the sample programs. We've had this
    discussion on IRC about 3 weeks ago if you do remember....

    We will use GSF, but it will take time. Not only do we need to make sure
    that GSF and its dependency, GLIB2 are available on our target platforms,
    but we also have the non-trivial task of integrating them into our
    build/link process.

    Now, I can't speak for the rest of the group, but I've been out of the loop
    for the past 3 weeks. I've moved, my computers were "lost" by Fedex, DSL
    installation is 2 weeks late, etc... There are circumstances out of your
    control here, including the availability of our free time and interest in
    this particular area.

    Beyond that, I was looking at ways of modifying our filters so that we
    could trivially post data to the clipboard as well as to disk. I was
    planning on doing this at the same time as the GSF integration. We have
    concerns of our own to address that rank higher than GSF at the moment. GSF
    will be addressed when the proper time comes.

    Regarding libole2, our branching was absolutely necessary. Mike Meeks was
    refusing to add the most trivial and correct of patches to the source.
    Shortly thereafter, the project appeared to be unmainained and the people
    in the AUTHORS and MAINTAINERS files stopped responding to emails regarding
    merging up the patches. Even you've called libole2 "The bastard child that
    nobody wanted." You didn't announce in any of these lists (gnome-office,
    abi, wvware) or in the appropriate CVS files that you were even interested
    in working on it, let alone that you were sort-of its maintainer. Don't
    blame us for your stumbling across those sorts of things on our ML. We had
    our reasons to do what we did, and they were quite good.

    I don't feel that GSF will be in the same boat. It's a much cleaner library
    with a well-defined purpose and an active and concerned maintainer.

    I am going to post a message on the gnome-office list recapping the talk we
    had at the Summit yesterday. It was quite fruitful, taking in lots of good
    suggestions and ideas from lots of different camps about how the Gnome
    Office applications should behave and how they should work together (Abi,
    Gnumeric, Evolution, Gaim, ...). I dare say it was even more insightful
    than the ad-hoc mtg. we had at GUADEC3. It remains to be seen if it will be
    more productive.


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