Re: Commit (HEAD): Not again! Stop bugging us, please!

From: Jody Goldberg (
Date: Sat Jul 20 2002 - 23:47:11 EDT

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    On Fri, Jul 19, 2002 at 02:44:31AM +0200, j.m.maurer wrote:
    > This has becode quite a huge patch. It does the following:
    > 1) Add cell line styles
    > * Properties: {left,right,top,bot}-style
    > * Values: {off,normal}, default=normal
    > dotted, dashed,etc can be added later
    > 2) Add cell background colors
    > * Properties: bg-color
    > * Values: {color}
    > 3) Add cell background styles
    > Properties: bg-style
    > * Values: {off,fill}, default=off
    > 25% fill, 50% fill, etc can be added later

    Gnumeric has a superset of the line styles and background patterns
    supported by MS Office and Applix. This includes the enumeration,
    draw, and print support where possible.

    A few things to note.
    - Once you support non-uniform borders you'll want to give careful
      consideration to dominance in the corners, There is lots of icky
      +/- width type logic to have everything 'do the right thing'
      This goes double for supporting 'double line' style borders.
      Getting the corners right is a pita.

    - Be wary when you go to print the borders of the semantic
      differences in drawing coordinates and printing coordinates.
      Printing has the notion of a line _centered_ at the coord.
      Drawing coords are pixelized. This is rather noticable when
      printing borders. It can be fixed, but it takes care.

    Gnumeric has a display neutral engine for tweaking the coordinates
    but I'd still like to expand its logic a might. to be smarter about
    implied dominance due to similarities (eg dominance based on more
    than position)

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