moving Fribidi out of the tree

From: Tomas Frydrych (
Date: Fri Jul 26 2002 - 11:44:07 EDT

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    The current official incarnation of FriBidi, AFAIK, fully satisifies our
    requirenments, and so it is no longer necessary for us to use a
    patched version, or have it statically linked in our executable.
    Consequently, I am planing to remove fribidi from /abi/src/other.

    On *nix systems we can simply require FriBidi installed in system
    directories and make/automake should check for its presence and
    version (I will provide the required version info later), as should any
    installation script.

    On other systems, notably win32, we will need to distribute a binary
    version of the library; whether it should be in the main setup
    package or separately can be debated, I will leave that up to the
    package managers to decide. For the sake of these systems I will
    create fribidi pier module so that we can add suitable build systems
    to it; this module is not going to be updated very frequently, only
    when major bugfixes to fribidi appear and/or we need newly
    inroduced features.

    The proposed plan of action is like this:

    (1) this weekend I will verify that the pristine fribidi indeed works for
    us, create the pier module, and post the required version info to the

    (2) The make-system maintainers will make preparations for the
    transition, this involves creating build systems in the pier module
    (that should not be too hard, the package is quite small; I will create
    the msvc project file for it), and on *nix adding the check for system
    installation of fribidi.

    (3) I will then remove /abi/src/other/fribidi; I would like to do that in a
    week or so.


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