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From: Martin Sevior (msevior@physics.unimelb.edu.au)
Date: Sat Jul 27 2002 - 05:56:47 EDT

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    I thought I'd pass this email from Sander Vesik (head honcho of Open
    Office at SUN). I asked about collaboration with OO with on Pango.

    If anybody not subscribed to gnome-office or gnome-hackers would like to
    respond, I'd be happy to pass it back.



    attached mail follows:

    [note - i'm not subscribed to tehgnome-office list, so it will probably
    get stuck for modeartion]

    On Fri, 26 Jul 2002, Martin Sevior wrote:

    > Can we get a clear statement about this? Will OO move to GTK 2 on unix?

    It is almost definate at this point that there will be a native Aqua port,
    there is a sizable body of capable people interested in doing it. Hard to
    say anything about gtk2 port, there does not seem to be all that many
    people ineterested in doing it around.

    > One area where I can see a real possibility of geneuine collaboration is
    > Pango. In particular the Windows port of Pango and printing with Pango.
    > AbiWord aims to support all the World's languages and after a considerable
    > debate, the AbiWord team decided to target Pango as the means of providing
    > this support. However the people leading this effort (Tomas Frydich and
    > Andrew Dunbar) are primarily Windows developers and progress on the
    > Pango-ization of AbiWord has been rather hindered by the Pango's weak
    > support for Windows.
    > Does OO have a similar goal to support all the World's Languages? Are they
    > interested in using Pango to achieve this? Pango could really use some
    > help in both Windows and Printing.

    OOo doesn't presently yet support all languages. For pango to be a useful
    point of collaboration pango would need to support a superset of
    functionality that is needed/used by all parties (including vertical
    text). For OOo this will mean an extra conversion step for text on the
    edges entering/leaving pango. But it sreally hard to imagine the switching
    to pango step until its very unclear how it wil get to a state where at
    least some kind of printing will be possible.

    > Regarding integration with the Gnome desktop, it appears OO suffers a
    > similar problem to the other Gnome Office applications. We all have *lots*
    > of work to do inside our own applications, we really need new people to
    > work on these integration issues. The email and notes I wrote was an
    > attempt move this process along.

    This is very true, and definately presently a weakness in OOo.

    > Finally a really obvious point where we definately need to cooperate is
    > the data format to the X-clipboard. We should be able to copy and paste
    > and well as drag and drop between applications. Larry Ewing promised to
    > write something about this and post it to freedesktop.org. Hopefully we
    > can all agree on this.

    Simply put, there is no excuse for copy/cut/paste not working between the
    different apps. It would be nice if he cc:-d a relevant OOo list when he
    does the posting.

    > Cheers
    > Martin


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