Re: BLOCKER: broken section breaker

From: Tomas Frydrych (
Date: Sat Jul 27 2002 - 05:05:03 EDT

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    Hi Pat,

    > completely baffles the section breaker (only 2 pages are created). I
    > don't think my changes caused this problem. But the text *is*
    > justified.

    I am fairly certain this is not caused by the justfication stuff, I have
    downloaded your doc, used an older version of AW to change
    everything to left-aligned, and the problem remains.

    I think this is the reverse loading bug that has first occured
    sometime at the start of the week. it seems to only effect multipage

    > I'd like to commit my changes to the section breaker at some point; in
    > particular, I moved stuff back into fb_ColumnBreaker. TF, can we work
    > out some schedule for doing this?

    Commit whenever you want, you will try to get to the bottom of the
    problem this weekend.


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