Re: proposed updateBacgroundColor() fix

From: j.m.maurer (
Date: Mon Jul 29 2002 - 12:25:21 EDT

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    > > (But now you are getting to my problem again....)
    > > No, a run isn't supposed to have a background or
    > > transparent color, it's
    > > container may have on, but a Run not
    > nope. I run should have a background. If you select
    > a word and you emphatize it giving it a yellow
    > background, then the word will become a run with a
    > yellow background. The yellow background is not a
    > property of its container.
    > This background is the first that we look when we want
    > to draw a run. If it's transparent (or white for
    > compatibility with older versions), then we look at
    > our container background color.

    Totally true, my mistake. This is what I had in mind.. When a run knows
    what it's background should be (ie. a highlight color is set) then that
    should be used. If he doesn't know it, then it should ask the parent
    container. This is actually what I impemented in
    fp_Run::updateHighlightColor, although how it's done there is not
    generic at all (ie. is looks for specfic table cell containers) and
    cannot handle non-uniform backgrounds like images. This is where my
    proposed solution should kick in...


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