Re: commit: Step towards nested tables.

From: Alan Horkan (
Date: Mon Jul 29 2002 - 12:33:23 EDT

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    On 30 Jul 2002, Martin Sevior wrote:

    > Date: 30 Jul 2002 00:22:14 +1000
    > From: Martin Sevior <>
    > To: Alan Horkan <>
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    > Subject: Re: commit: Step towards nested tables.
    > On Mon, 2002-07-29 at 23:37, Alan Horkan wrote:
    > >
    > > any plans to discourage users from deeply nested tables?
    > >
    > > (reply to the list if you like)
    > >
    > >
    > No. I have no plans to do this. If a user wants to nest table 10 levels
    > deep that's their decision.

    So if i am crazy enough to try i can do 1 million deep nested tables so
    long as i have enough memory? Using implausable numbers is usually the
    first thing i do when trying to crash stuff, users should not be allowed
    to shoot themselves in the foot.

    My concern is for (X)HTML export, deeply nested tables make for pages
    that load incredibly slowly as the layout calculations get pretty
    complicated. This was a significant problem in Netscape 4.x but
    nonethless a very poor way to do page layout.


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