Re: Why isn't libwmf included with abiword?

From: F J Franklin (
Date: Wed Jul 31 2002 - 15:02:38 EDT

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    >> Currently libwmf is supported via a plugin. Do you have something else in
    >> mind?
    > Oh. I didn't know that and I didn't download the plugin. I'll look for
    > it.

    I'm not sure the wmf plugin is built as part of the RPM default, though
    I'd be happy if it were... ultimately, of course, I'd like it to do
    WMF->SVG but at the moment it does WMF->PNG and image-type detection
    (sniffing) sucks ever so slightly.

    BTW, probably the best way (at the moment) to support WMF is via

    Ultimately I hope to have bi-directional conversion, WMF <-> SVG, but
    don't hold your breath :-)

    Ciao, Frank

    ps. I haven't abandoned all work on HTML import and SVG rendering, just
        postponed them. I'm currently trying to write a little C++ library for
        handling XML trees with multiple namespaces, with the aim of handling
        mixtures of XHTML & SVG, and eventually perhaps also PHP4, MathML
        and AWML...

        HTML (and SGML also, I guess) are problematic in this respect, in that
        libxml2 wants to normalize the input into a formal XHTML structure,
        and I find that a hindrance at times.

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